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Love @ Facebook: By Nikita Singh

Recently, I ordered some books from flipkart (Got it within two days, including Sunday!) and the first book I picked to read was Love@ Facebook by Nikita Singh.  Nikita Singh originally hails from Patna, Bihar but spent most of her life in Indore. She is just nineteen! (Commendable job as an author)

When I flipped the pages before reading (As I do every time I am going to read any book) I thought I was not going to like it as a large portion of the novel is in the form of chats on Facebook. But I really liked it.

This story is about Vatsala Rathore, a teenager who gets smitten by a drop-dead-gorgeous Ronit Oberoi, a VJ, on Facebook. She regularly posts comments on his profile to get his attention, and finally, he responds positively. She is overwhelmed that a celebrity is now friends with her and they start chatting quite often. Her interest gradually turns into love and then obsession.

Ankit Rai, her best friend, also a very handsome guy, loves her unconditionally. Vatsala knows very well about his feelings and sometimes oddly finds herself drawn towards him but doesn’t take it seriously and prefer to cherish the hope that Ronit likes her and someday soon she would make him fall in love with her.

Will she ever be able to recognize her true love and decide who the one for her is? Ankit or Ronit?

This story instantly reminded me of a very famous Hindi movie ‘Guddi’ and seemed a modern version of it. As a debutante Nikita has done a great job as she, very skillfully, made this novel so engrossing that for me, it was hard to put that down. It is a kind of book that makes you flip pages with keen interest. You may finish in just one sitting. I liked the character of Ankit Rai. The incidents and feelings of a teenager are quite identifiable. Language is simple yet nice. Overall, for me, it was an interesting and pleasant read.


Light of awareness

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Light of awareness
Clear conscience, enlightens the
Superstitious mind

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Final adieu

Emotions blended
With smiles and togetherness
Reside in the urn

Seek permission for
The final adieu with tears
Hurtful truth of life

Memories never…
…Say goodbye, treasured throughout
The journey of life

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Fresh new day!

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Nature smiles
As the first light breaks
Fresh new day!

Sun looks like an orange ball
Shimmering dew like diamond
Touch of mellow breeze feels…
…like kiss of feather
Twittering birds greet…
…the beautiful morning
Promise of a new day!

         It's Thursday

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Mystic sufi songs,
Somewhat like meditation
Purify the soul

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Who was she?

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A piercing screech penetrated the silence of dark night and deep sleep of Anu. Kanak rushed inside the hostel room with a jerk shrieking loudly. She was trembling with fear as she hastily closed the door.

“What happened Kanak?” Anu was bewildered. She looked at the watch. It was almost .

“There…there…” Kanak could not complete her sentence as she was panting hard.

“There what?” Anu’s confusion was growing rapidly.

“There is…a… ghost in the patio.” Kanak anyhow completed her sentence and hugged her knees.

“What rubbish are you talking?”

“No…not rubbish. I saw a girl there. She wore a white dress, and her hair was ruffled.” Kanak was turning breathless as she tried to explain. “When…when I asked who she is, she swirled around and said nothing. Her face was…my god, her face was white and her eyes….her eyes…” Kanak left her sentence in between and buried her face in her arms.

Before Anu could have said anything, her door started to pound. There was a clamor outside. So many voices were calling their names. She opened the door hastily. All most every girl of the hostel, watchman and the hostel warden were standing outside the door wearing questioning visage.

“But I haven’t seen anyone entering?” The watchman joined his eyebrows in perplexity.

“She was a ghost damn it!” Kanak shrieked.

“Oh, shut up Kanak. You’re a college student, and still you believe in these rubbishes?” The hostel warden said in irritation.

“But madam…”

“Guard Ji,” Warden ignored her and called the watchman strictly. “Search every nook and corner of this building. Someone must be trying to scare us.”

The guard looked at Kanak and departed nervously with his large wooden rod. After exploring the building for few minutes he came back, informing no traces of anyone. All the girls sat together in the room. Perplexed.

Suddenly, a woman wearing brilliant white fluffy gown slowly entered the room. Her face was white and deep kohl was applied in her eyes. A combined scream spilled out in fear. Kanak started to tremble.

“Sorry…Kanak…actually…” The girl anyhow managed to mutter.

“Rosie?” The warden shouted and all the girls peered carefully.

“Yes ma’m. I’m Rosie.” She said meekly.

“Why did you scare Kanak and tainted our sleep and peace of this hostel?” The warden demanded. “Do you have any idea how scared Kanak and all the girls are?”

“Sorry ma’m but I did not want to frighten her. I was going to the bathroom when I heard her voice and it frightened me terribly. Before I could say anything she shouted and ran from there.” Rosie explained.

“Why your face is white?”

“My face is full of pimples, so I’ve applied sandalwood powder…” She looked at Kanak who was still looking at her. Baffled. “Sorry Kanak.”

“Please manage your hair. It is really looking umm …” The warden could not complete her sentence and laughed aloud and girls also joined her. Kanak also couldn’t help smiling at this weird situation. Finally, terror faded away in the amusement.

This kind of situation occurs in our life sometimes when fear conquers our conscience, and we start to think irrationally.

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Hourglass of life

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Time slips swiftly
in the hourglass of life
Try to make the most of it.

Don’t overlook…
The lovely moments
those evoke happiness in your heart
And Become good memories.

Don’t ignore…
The awakening incidents,
Those signify your mistakes
And Make you more experienced.

Don’t miss…
The heartfelt laughter
That gives you joy and delight
and makes you beautiful.

Don’t skip…
The Serene Smile,
that creates many jovial faces
and erases the twinge of sorrow.

Don’t disregard…
Showers of love, warmth of care and
souvenir of friendship
That makes your life divine

Don’t abandon…
Virtue of kindness, wisdom and honesty,
that makes you contented
and a good human being.

Don’t lose…
A tender touch of hope,
that lightens a new path
and prompts you to go ahead.

Don’t drop…
Pearls of patience and tolerance,
that soaks the anxiety
and inspires you to fight the hurdles.

Don’t forget…
The asset of courage you have,
that cracks the mist of fear
and makes you stronger.

Don’t underestimate…
The talent, Endeavor and confidence,
that brightens your personality
leading to the road of triumph.

Mind it…
Time slips swiftly
in the hourglass of life
Try to make the most of it.

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Love is delicate
Cherish it ardently, don’t
Let obsession brew

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May your dreams come true

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"It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow." - Robert Schuller

Sometimes, life becomes disheveled
Future seems bleak
Forced to drink the liquor of hitches,
That assails now and then
Happy days become memories
That seems difficult to muster
Never resting troubles mock
Strewn here and there
Is life destined to be like this?
Will fortune ever extend…
…it’s pampering arms?
 Dreams envisaged for life tell
“Life is not meant to be like this”
Heart gives up all hope and trust
Unable to fight with destiny
Yet mind says…
Happiness may peep
Through your window
Scattering the lights of paradise
Hope may knock at your door
Filling you with the courage
To handle the adversity
Trust may pamper you
Your dreams may come true.

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Smile that lingers on

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Glimpse of thrilling dream
Flashed for a fleeting moment
Calm Smile lingered on

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Again, bliss of slumber
Would elude me
Again, the night is going to creep
Immersed in your thoughts
Moon, nestled in the embrace of clouds
 Reminds me our togetherness
Blinking stars josh
My seeping emotions
Dewy breeze weeps
To see my aloofness
My heart screams
Where are you?
Why you diverged from the path
And moved ahead leaving me alone?
Why you never looked back?
Why you never called me?
Why you broke
The promise of love?

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A mystery!

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What is death?
A life beyond life?
A mystery!

What’s beyond this life?
The mystery of another…
…World is still unsolved.

         Haiku Heights

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Power of Tendulkar

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Magnificent stokes
Brilliant timing and technique
Power of Tendulkar



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Legs moving swiftly
Eyes expressing a story
Grace of Kathak dance

Kathak is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances, originated from Uttar Pradesh, India. The name Kathak is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Katha' meaning Story.

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Success born of struggle,
Excellence and sincerity
Shines throughout the life

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